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Xavier Capdepon was born into a musical family in the capital city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. His mother is of Jamaican decent and his father, Latino. Both his parents played music for most of their lives, so Xavier grew up playing his parents old instruments with his six other siblings. Their parents were not able to afford schooling for all seven children, so Xavier and his siblings spend most of the day playing ¬†and listening to music. They became famous in their neighborhood as the traveling family band. All seven siblings had their own specialty. Xavier’s favorite instrument was the keyboard. Occasionally, the siblings would go into the town center and play music to make a little extra money. The money was not a lot, but they all enjoyed playing music for people and entertaining those who stopped to listen.

Xavier Capdepon made friends with many local artists and musicians in the area. He began hanging out in recording studios at a young age and fell in love with the digital music industry. He quickly learned how to mix on turntables and at the young age of 14 began playing DJ gigs around the city. He was part of a DJ troupe called “Los Perros Locos” (the crazy dogs). They would perform at some of the biggest clubs in Santo Domingo and even had their own radio station. They would play a verity of music ranging from Latin folk music to electronic dance music. Xavier did not do much speaking on the radio. He focused on picking the right songs to play. When Xavier Capdepon was 16 years old, his friends told him about digital music production software, Ableton, that he could use to play any instrument he wanted on the computer. Xavier bought the program and immediately became immersed in the production value of music. Since then, Xavier has been studying and learning everything he can about music production with still playing DJ gigs.

Xavier Capdepon Moves to the US:

When Xavier turned 21, he decided to move to the United States to launch a more intense music career. He moved in with his aunt in Queens, New York. Since then, he has been playing small DJ gigs around the city, studying music production, and helping his aunt out at her Jamaican restaurant. Xavier is also working on his radio station that he brought over from the Dominican Republic. He has decided to focus less on Latin folk music and gear his radio station more towards electronic dance music with Latin and Jamaican vibes. Some of the types of music found on his radio station are dancehall, electro house, dubstep, trap, techno with Latin and Jamaican vibes. More information on his radio station coming soon!