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Xavier Capdepon’s Introduction to Music Blogging

The music industry these days is vastly different than it was a decade ago. These days, DJs and musicians have to rely more on touring than they do on CD sales. The music experience and success relies on major record labels signing artists and building their careers in the music industry. Aside from this, all there really is to do if you want to enter the music industry is 1) have a web presence 2) network within the industry and 3) learn how to produce music. I have made this blog as a steppingstone for my career. I want to simply play good music and make a living doing so. Music is my everything, and I have been doing music for my entire life. I am a firm believer that music is a necessity in life as it brings joy and happiness to a ridged and stiff world. I know great music and I am in the middle of learning how to make good music. I’ve DJed all over the world, so I know what it takes to get people off of their seats an onto the dance floor. This website will act as a place where you can find good music, but more importantly, good NEW music. This era of music is moving faster than ever. With new technology and electronic music taking over the industry, there is much more accessibility to music production tools. People are able to churn out songs faster than ever, and songs don’t stick around for years, like they used to. It is important to not only create music in this industry, but to keep evolving with it and keep up to date with the current trends. Thus, this will be a place where you can find the hottest trending songs. Below is Xavier Capdepon’s soundcloud creations of the songs that he has produced himself. Listen and enjoy!