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Australian Singer/Songwriter, Vance Joy

Xavier Capdepon Vance JoyVance Joy is an Australian songwriter and singer who creates indie pop music and alternative rock. Vance Joy’s real name is James Keogh, and he is under a five-album contract with Atlantic Records. His debut EP, God Loves You When You’re Dancing cam out in March of 2013, and one of the songs on the EP, Riptide, was the number one song on Triple J Hottest 100 in 2013. Vance Joy recently released his debut studio album, Dream Your Life Away, in September of 2014.

James Keogh was also a professional football player in the Victorian Football League. He played for the Coburg Football Club and won the rookie of the year award in 2008. He obviously decided to give up his football career to peruse his passion for music.

Vance Joy’s pride and joy, Riptide reached triple platinum, and has taken part in multiple commercials including one for GoPro. The song peaked at the #6 slot the Australian Record Industry Association charts. Dimitri Basil directed the music video.

A book called Bliss inspired the name Vance Joy. The protagonist in the story had a crazy grandfather, Vance Joy, who was an exceptional storyteller.

Vance Joy dropped his first studio album, Dream Your Life Away, late last year. “Mess Is Mine” was the most popular song on the album, peaking at #37 on the Australian music charts. Vance Joy discusses his album early in 2014, talking about how he thought that there would be an eclectic mix of songs and songwriting that all tie in together.

Take a look at Xavier Capdepon’s remix of Vance Joy’s popular hit, Riptide, as Xavier has taken different acapellas and turned the song into an indie electro remix along with a music video using stock footage from the Internet.

Xavier Capdepon’s Riptide Remix: